purple octopus dog toy??4 pieces per pack??toy001

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  • Bright and Cute:

    Vivid colors and an adorable appearance capture your dog’s interest for happy entertainment.

  • Durable Construction:

    Safe, high-quality polyester ensures these octopus dog toys are durable for chewing and playing.

  • Teeth Cleaning:

    Promote oral health with natural teeth cleaning during play.

  • Safe Design:

    Non-filling design eliminates hidden hazards, allowing safe chewing and play without worry.

  • Interactive Sounds:

    Head squeaks, tail crinkles, grabbing your dog’s attention for interactive play.

  • Entertainment and Exercise:

    Irresistible crinkle sounds provide mental stimulation, exercise, and reduce anxiety and boredom.

  • Bright Colors for Interaction:

    Designed in vibrant hues, ideal for interactive sessions, preventing boredom and furniture damage.

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